Beautiful architecture, over-the-top extravagance, and trap doors are all well and good, but there’s just something about having your own swimming space that really takes a home to the next level—especially when that swimming space is a step above the usual backyard pool. Today we bring you three of the coolest personal swimming pools you’re likely to find anywhere in the world.

This first pool is located in Madrid. Though it took the architects at Ensamble Studio a year to engineer the home, it only took a week to put it all together thanks to extensive prefabrication, and the result is a beautiful display of simple materials becoming striking results. With two pools total, the real masterpiece is the long cantilevered swimming pool that juts out from the front of the home.

As the firm OMA explains, this roof-top swimming pool joins the family “apartments” at this Paris-area home. “The client wanted a glass house with a swimming pool on the roof and two separate ‘apartments’—one for the parents, the other for the daughter.” Though not for those afraid of heights, the long, narrow pool provides a beautiful view and a very intriguing way to link two living spaces together.

But the personal pool that takes the prize for ingenuity comes from Vancouver, where Patkau Architects designed the Shaw House not only with incredible views of the surrounding landscape, but a glass-bottom pool that looks down into multiple areas of living space as well. The light from the ceiling/pool floor creates a beautiful effect on the living spaces, and having the ability to look from the roof-top pool into the house makes for a unique swimming experience as well.

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