Flood Safety Tips for the Spring

Flood Safety Tips

April showers bring May flowers, but they can also bring flooding and other dangers. According to FEMA, 98% of U.S. counties have been impacted by a flood event. That’s an astronomical number showing the importance of flood safety and awareness. Flooding can come from heavy rain, snowmelt, levees or dams breaking, and/or other events. So, on the heels of FEMA’s Flood Awareness Week, here are some handy flood safety tips for keeping your family and your home prepared for a flood event.

Remember, most homeowners and business policies don’t cover flood damage, so it’s important to have coverage in case of an event. Also, flood events can happen even if you’re not in a high-risk flood zone.

In fact, according to FEMA if you live in an area of low or moderate flood risk, you’re 5 times more likely to experience a flood than a fire over the next 30 years. Click here to check the flood zone of your home or business.

If you’d like to purchase flood insurance, Bankers is a Write Your Own (WYO) authorized carrier for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), making the quoting process fast and easy.

Now that you’re covered, let’s talk about flood safety and preparation:

  • For your home
    • Install a flood-detection device in your home that will alert you if it senses water.
    • If you have below grade floors, install a sump pump system.
    • Waterproof your basement and any basement entrances.
    • Install backflow valves to sewer connections like drains and toilets to prevent water flow into your home.
  • For your family
    • Have a waterproof emergency kit packed that has copies of personal documents, flashlights, medications, water, batteries, and other essential items.
      • Here’s a full list from the American Red Cross.
    • Know evacuation routes and destinations for your area and family.
    • Have access to NOAA radio broadcasts to keep you informed during the flood.
    • If you have pets, prepare an emergency kit for them as well

This is not an exhaustive list on flood safety and preparation. Check out this PDF provided by FEMA for a more in-depth look. Stay safe during this rainy season and remember, Bankers is here for you before and after the storm!


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