Founded in 1976, Bankers Insurance Group has grown from a small local company to a diverse corporation with a hard-earned reputation for innovative insurance products and superior customer service.

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, Bankers is strongly rooted in the Southeast, with the specialized experience and geographic focus of a major regional carrier. In other words, with more than 25 catastrophes under our belts, we’ve gotten very good at helping our policyholders through hurricanes, flooding and other catastrophes quickly, thoroughly and intact.

At the same time, Bankers offers its policyholders and agents the broad-based expertise and the technological resources of a national company doing business in more than 45 states. Bankers prides itself on offering the resources and talent of the larger insurance companies, while maintaining the personalized service and approachability of a local business.

And while talking about customer service can sound trite, it isn’t a phrase we throw around lightly. Bankers has spent 35 years developing and refining a superior customer service program that is supported by a knowledgeable, experienced staff of professionals who share our dedication to our policyholders. In addition, we view our agents as full partners in our business, and count on them to hold our feet to the fire and make sure we deliver on our promises.

At Bankers, we harbor one other unique advantage over traditional insurance companies: We recognize that by empowering our customers – we improve ourselves. By actively encouraging every customer to own, not just their policy, but also a clear understanding of what their insurance purchase means, we continually raise our own bar. It pushes everyone at Bankers to think harder and truly engage with our customers as collaborators working toward the same goal: making sure you have purchased the right policy at the right price. We fully embrace this reality: The better you are at understanding your insurance, the better we can serve you.

For homeowners, business owners, individuals and families, Bankers Insurance Group is a reliable and responsive partner protecting property and peace of mind. We are a unique resource, designed to help our customers become better at insuring – and ultimately protecting – themselves.


Catastrophe Experience

One of the most important considerations in selecting an insurance company – especially if you live in coastal states – is catastrophe experience. Bankers has weathered an impressive 25+ catastrophes offering exceptional customer service and claims response time. In the event of an emergency, you want an insurance company that has “been there, done that” many times before.


Bankers Financial Corporation

Bankers Financial Corporation distinguishes itself as corporate parent to a diverse array of enterprises and as a global player in a dynamic and fast-changing marketplace. Our operations range from insurance and property development to finance.

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Bankers conducts business nationwide. And, as technology continues to shrink the world, Bankers Financial Corporation expands its presence.

Insurance and financial services remain at the core of our business, and we’re proud of our more than 35-year track record of expertise and service. We also recognize the changes taking place in our domestic and global economy, as well as our society, and we respond to those changes with a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, developing new products, services and partnerships for this evolving marketplace.


Our Companies

Bankers Insurance Group, Inc.

Bankers Insurance Group is a subsidiary of Bankers Financial Corporation and the corporate parent of our insurance companies. From modest beginnings in 1976, the Group has grown steadily into a recognized industry leader. While our companies offer a wide variety of standard insurance products, Bankers has also been extremely successful in designing and marketing niche products to meet insurance needs that are not covered by more traditional products.

Property & Casualty Insurance Carriers

Bankers Insurance Company offers a variety of property and casualty products and services. The Company writes both personal and commercial coverage including homeowners, flood, excess flood, business owners, contract surety and specialized products. New products are currently in development to meet evolving personal and business insurance needs.

Bankers Specialty Insurance Company specializes in homeowners, and flood insurance for Louisiana’s residents and business owners.

First Community Insurance Company specializes in personal and commercial lines including homeowners, dwelling fire, flood, excess flood, contractor general liability and builders risk insurance for Florida and South Carolina residents and business owners. First Community’s experienced professionals have an in-depth understanding of the unique insurance challenges of Florida and South Carolina, while drawing on the nationwide resources of Bankers Insurance Group.

Insurance Outsourcing Services

BinTech Partners, Inc. provides third-party outsourcing servicing options to the insurance industry. BinTech, autonomous from Bankers Insurance Group, uses the vast knowledge and expertise found within the companies of Bankers. By providing complete policy administration services and claim support, marketing assistance and licensing of its proprietary software, Bintech Partners is able to meet the requirements of a wide range of clients.

Bankers Employer Services is a full-service human resource outsourcing company serving small to medium-sized Florida businesses, including builders. Bankers Employer specializes in managing non-core tasks such as payroll and benefits administration and providing a complete workers’ compensation risk management program at competitive rates.