Outsourcing Insurance Services


DecisionHR is a full‐service human resource outsourcing company serving the needs of small and medium‐sized businesses. As a subsidiary of Bankers Financial Corporation, DecisionHR is backed by its parent company’s strong financials and proven 30-plus year track record in insurance, financial services, banking, warranties and real estate.

DecisionHR provides the support and service to enable clients to focus on the fundamentals: running the business, competing to win, boosting the bottom line and protecting profits.

With customizable payroll, benefits administration, human resources, and workers’ compensation solutions, DecisionHR addresses the unique needs of its clients and their workforce.

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DecisionHR is not a chartered bank or trust company, or depository institution. It is not authorized to accept deposits or trust accounts and is not licensed or regulated by any state or federal banking authority.


BinTech Partners, Inc.

BinTech Partners, Inc. provides unparalleled outsourcing opportunities for property and casualty insurers and financial institutions nationwide, offering you the resources gained from more than 30 years of diverse experience in the insurance industry. This specialized knowledge gives your company the advantage of partnering with seasoned insurance specialists.

For more information visit: BinTech Partners, Inc.