Bankers Insurance Group is a proud recipient of the 5-star Excellence Award from Insurance Business America Magazine (IBA) in the category of Construction Insurance. This award recognizes the trust and relationship we work hard to build among construction contractors.

The Role of the Construction Industry In the US

The construction industry plays a critical role in the US economy. With over 745,000 employers and over 7.6 million employees, it creates nearly $1.4 trillion of structures yearly. As part of the construction insurance sector, we have the great responsibility of protecting these businesses. 

IBA’s Methodology for Choosing the Winners

Insurance Business America surveyed hundreds of brokers across the country and asked them to rate the construction insurers they have worked with over the past 12 months based on 14 categories. The insurance providers that received the highest rankings earned the 5-star award in construction insurance.

“We are honored to debut on the list for the first time this year,” said Ryan Hodges, Vice President of Product and Underwriting, Bankers Insurance Group. “The award from IBA validates our commitment to provide a competitive product mix that meets the needs of today’s contractor. It also highlights our best-in-class customer service, which differentiates Bankers from other carriers.”

Our program offers competitive Builders Risk products across the United States. We have been in this market for years and understand what builders need to get the job done and build with confidence. We hope to continue working closely with brokers to provide the products and experience builders need in this tough, but steady market.

When Does Hurricane Season Start?

For the U.S., in the Atlantic region, the hurricane season lasts from early June to the end of November. Hurricanes are some of the most devastating and costly natural disasters. Therefore, it’s essential to prepare your home and family before a hurricane strikes. We’ve got some fundamentals that will help protect your property and keep you and your loved ones safe and secure.

Prepare Your Yard and Home For A Hurricane

  • Know where your water, electric, and gas shut-offs are.
  • Brace doors or windows, including your garage door, which is likely to blow out in a storm.
  • Consider turning your Refrigerator and Freezer to the coldest setting; this will keep your food colder longer if you lose power. Or, have a cooler with plenty of ice ready that you can transfer food to if needed
  • Hurricane wind speed can range from 74 – 156+ mph. It’s essential to store or bring in outdoor lawn furniture, tools, toys, or anything else that the wind could pick up. Make sure to securely anchor items that can’t be moved.

Have A Way To Communicate

Whether you are a family of one or six, you have family members and friends in other places that will worry. Remember to communicate with them (when appropriate) that you are safe.

Make An Emergency Supply Kit Before Hurricane Season

Part of hurricane preparedness means having an emergency kit. An emergency kit is a collection of essential things you and your family may need in the event of an emergency. Have your kit ready ahead of an emergency, and be sure to rotate items as needed and remove or add items as your family changes. You may also consider updating your emergency kit with hand sanitizer and face masks.

Stay Up To Date

Pay attention to emergency alerts, follow your local news, know where emergency shelters are and know your evacuation route if needed. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Hurricane Center is another great resource that tracks hurricanes and tropical storms.

Know How To File A Claim

Be sure you have your policy numbers handy in case you need to file a claim. You can file a claim on our website at or call 727.308.0496. Rapid response to water damage is critical to protecting your home. If you should need emergency water mitigation, contact one of our preferred vendors. Rytech: Emergency Line 800.868.8787 or ADS Emergency Line 888.898.0699.

We’ve Got You

These are just a few ways you can prepare for a hurricane. We have a free hurricane survival guide with more tips on preparing for a hurricane, what to do after, and a preparation checklist that will help provide peace of mind when it matters.

Together we are experiencing unprecedented changes in our communities and workplaces due to the developments surrounding COVID-19. Bankers Insurance Group maintains and regularly tests a comprehensive business continuity plan and we want to assure you we are able to serve our customers without interruption. 

At Bankers, we are focused on the health and safety of our employees, agency partners, and communities. Our employees have transitioned seamlessly to a work from home environment. We have suspended face-to-face marketing visits to all offices. All meetings will take place via phone calls and video conferencing.

We understand your customers may not want inspectors coming into their homes during this time. We are encouraging our agents to recommend Bankers’ self-inspection (SMS text messaging) program to their customers, when necessary. Our self-inspection program is an excellent alternative to an in-person inspection.

Here at Bankers, we are committed to being your partner. Together, we will get through these trying times. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

The winter can be a tough time with freezing temps and dreary days, but it can also be magical! Couples stroll through snow-strewn parks holding hands or sit by a cozy fire drinking hot coco. Many people take advantage of the idyllic scenery and winter wonderment to propose to their significant other, haven’t you noticed your Facebook feed filled with engagement pictures and announcements?

If you’re one of those people and plan on taking the plunge, make sure to back up that investment by scheduling your engagement ring with your insurance company. Scheduling is an optional add-on to homeowners policies that can help you rest easy knowing your investment is covered in case tragedy strikes.

All kinds of valuables can be scheduled, not just engagement rings or jewelry. For example, have you received a set of sterling silverware from your family? Go ahead and schedule that. When you got married, did you register for fine China? Put your mind at ease knowing that gift is covered. Have a stamp collection you’ve been curating for years? Make sure it’s protected.

Scheduling personal items can ensure that they are safe from theft, fire, or even mysterious disappearance. Insurers have different requirements when it comes to scheduling personal property, so make sure to contact your insurance company to learn more about the specifics of your carrier and policy.

Want to schedule some of your personal property? Contact your agent today!