Scheduling your Personal Property

The winter can be a tough time with freezing temps and dreary days, but it can also be magical! Couples stroll through snow-strewn parks holding hands or sit by a cozy fire drinking hot coco. Many people take advantage of the idyllic scenery and winter wonderment to propose to their significant other, haven’t you noticed your Facebook feed filled with engagement pictures and announcements?

If you’re one of those people and plan on taking the plunge, make sure to back up that investment by scheduling your engagement ring with your insurance company. Scheduling is an optional add-on to homeowners policies that can help you rest easy knowing your investment is covered in case tragedy strikes.

All kinds of valuables can be scheduled, not just engagement rings or jewelry. For example, have you received a set of sterling silverware from your family? Go ahead and schedule that. When you got married, did you register for fine China? Put your mind at ease knowing that gift is covered. Have a stamp collection you’ve been curating for years? Make sure it’s protected.

Scheduling personal items can ensure that they are safe from theft, fire, or even mysterious disappearance. Insurers have different requirements when it comes to scheduling personal property, so make sure to contact your insurance company to learn more about the specifics of your carrier and policy.

Want to schedule some of your personal property? Contact your agent today!