Sell Flood

In January 2008, Bankers reentered the flood insurance market as a Write Your Own (WYO) carrier. As one of the first carriers ever admitted to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in 1983, we’ve earned a reputation for trust and reliability with both our agents and our policyholders. Our goal is to reestablish ourselves as one of the leading providers of flood insurance for homes and businesses nationwide.

Your customers will receive exceptional service, especially in a disaster. Bankers’ (Catastrophe) CAT team has been recognized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for its diligence and outstanding response during many national flood disasters. Our management team has played a leadership role on regional and national committees that helped shape flood insurance-related legislation. Our team of professionals, with decades of experience, technical expertise and solid industry knowledge, is ready to serve you and your customers.

Whether you’re an agent, an executive with a financial institution or a WYO carrier/association, with the right partner, you can write flood easily and more profitably than you may have thought. Since flood insurance rates and coverage levels are set by the government, they’re the same regardless of the carrier your client chooses. So you want the carrier with the experience, the resources and the support to make writing flood easy and profitable for you.

Bankers participates in the NFIP, offering full-service Flood and Excess Flood to our customers. In order to become a flood agent, you must meet all requirements of the NFIP and be accepted into the Bankers program. Please contact Bankers Marketing at 800-627-0000, ext. 4900 or email us at