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      Sleep Easy with Insurance

      Many of us complain and begrudgingly spend money on insurance. We insure our car, our home, our properties and then there are policies like flood insurance, to protect us from …

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    • How to Get Better Referrals

      How To Get Better Referrals

      Referrals are the bread and butter of gathering new business. The question remains, how can you make it work for you so that the referrals you get are …

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    • Florida Citizens Clearinghouse Program

      Florida Citizens Clearinghouse Program

      Florida Citizens Clearinghouse Program –Quick Overview for Agents and Policyholders The Property Insurance Clearinghouse is a new, innovative program that helps agents find private-market insurance coverage for consumers …

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    • Snowed in Bicycle

      Preparing for winter… yes, even in the South

       For those of us who live in the South, we are fortunate enough to experience sunshine and warm weather the majority of the year.  This winter has already shown …

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    • piggy bank

      Stopping Workers Compensation Fraud

      The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that nationwide, about $6 billion in workers’ compensation fraud is committed each year. SIX BILLION. Wow. In fact, it is the second …

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    • 139741731

      Glass Half Empty or Full?

      What kind of salesman are you? Glass half-empty or glass half-full? With the right attitude, you can make 2014 the year of positive thinking and bigger opportunities. You’re …

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      How To File A Home Claim Quickly

      Does it feel like every time you turn on the news, Mother Nature is at it again? From floods, to tornadoes, ice storms, and hurricanes, no one can …

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    • New Year - 2014

      5 Great Goals to Start the New Year Right

      So here it is again. Another new year, complete with a list of new promises and resolutions.  Among the 5 most popular resolutions (eat right and exercise, stop …

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    • 177845102

      Gone Phishing

      Show of hands- how many of you reading this blog post have ever purchased something online using a credit card? We suspect quite a few. If not, have …

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    • Using LinkedIn to Sell More

      Social media doesn’t help you sell. Wait, what?  Back up there, bucko. Social media is definitely helping salesmen and women improve on customer service and their sales. How? …

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    • BIG Sales Team

      The Faces of Bankers

      So, we had our (amazing, fun, collaborative, informative, and important!) team meeting last week. It was a perfect time to get together, compare experiences and brainstorm and plan …

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    • 200398414-001

      Replacing Important Documents

      Do you keep all of your important papers in one place? If you are like most, you probably have the intention of doing so, but with a busy …

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    • holiday mantel

      Deck the Halls- Preparing for the Holidays

      Do you have family and friends coming to your house for the holidays? This time of the year is an exciting one, but before you can roast chestnuts …

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    • story2

      No One Likes A Burnt Turkey…or Kitchen

      When you think of Thanksgiving, one of the first things you probably think of is food. Stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, turkey, green beans, pumpkin pie. Yummy. But …

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    • Happy Thanksgiving

      Thanksgiving Travel Tips

      Thanksgiving is upon us. One thing we are thankful for: getting to spend time with our families and eat a lot great food. One thing we aren’t thankful …

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    • Identity Theft

      Preventing Teenage Identity Theft

      Ahhhh….the life of a teenager. A time when you live under your parents roof with little to no bills and your biggest stresses are math class and whether …

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