For our customers impacted by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Beryl, Bankers is here for you as you begin the claims process. Click here to learn how to file a claim.

Finding the Right Coverage for You

At Bankers, we prioritize consistency and reliability in our insurance offerings. We recognize that each customer’s needs are different, and we’re committed to providing dependable protection for your valued assets when it matters. Explore our key offerings below:

Why Bankers Insurance Group?

At Bankers, we understand that unexpected events happen. That’s why we have spent our entire history preparing for uncertain moments by developing reliable products and delivering them through our team of industry specialists.

Our solutions are designed with precision to ensure that choices are clear, and our service exceeds expectations.

How protected are you from Flood?

Test your knowledge about flood insurance and learn how to safeguard your property from flood damage.

What is the primary purpose of flood insurance? (Select all that apply)

Which of the following items is typically covered under a standard flood insurance policy?

True or False: Flood insurance is mandatory for homeowners in high-risk flood zones if they have a mortgage from a federally regulated or insured lender.

What should an insured do to reduce the risk of flood damage to their property? (Select all that apply)

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Bankers Benefits

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Coastal Specialist

Offering consistent wind capacity in coastal areas, extending protection to businesses in these high-risk regions.

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Exceptional Customer Service

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an outstanding 15 points higher than the industry average.

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Catastrophe Claims Expertise

Handles all CAT Claims in-house, ensuring swift and expert responses.

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